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The Arts at Sidegate

Congratulations to these Year 6 pupils who recently received Arts Awards from Trinity College London.

Check out these fabulous reports about our recent Artsmark Award!


Lots of pupils had the privilege of working with Mrs Ferrier  - Stained Glass Artist  - Studio Verre -


This is what Olive and Malachi in Y3 had to say about it:

We had to design it first. We drew around a piece of glass which was shaped like a leaf. Then we thought about how we wanted it and coloured it in. Next we scooped out some coloured glass and put them in a small container so that they wouldn't blow away. We had to improvise and Mrs Ferrier used a bottle lid to put glue in because we didn't need to use much. We used a cocktail stick to put spots of glue and dragged the glue down. We sprinkled the glass where we need the colour to be. Mrs Ferrier was going to put them into a Kiln. The small bits of glass will then join on to the big piece and make it go that colour. I've never worked with glass before, but would like to do it again. Mrs Ferrier was nice and calm just because their work is different , it doesn't mean that it isn't special to them. I like that she just let us do it instead of taking us through every little bit of glass. I really enjoyed it!



Arts Festival 2022

Another successful day of celebrating the arts at Sidegate! On Friday 24th June, the school was a vibrant explosion of colour, dance, music and drama. 

Pupils across the school showcased how the arts are used at Sidegate to embed learning. 

History, geography, and science explored through the power of dance and drama. Songs were used to reinforce concepts and give the pupils opportunity to express themselves. We were reminded by our younger pupils in Year 1:


Children of Sidegate,  

Be brave, 

Explore the beautiful world around you. 

Follow your wildest dreams. We are Sidegate. We are explorers.


At Sidegate we know that the arts enable all our children to become brave, to believe in themselves, develop resilience and collaborate to creatively solve problems.


This was a time to celebrate the arts making us powerful!




Photography competition


The results are in! We had several entries for the competition from pupils across the school. These were displayed in the staffroom for all the staff to cast a vote and decide which should be 1st, 2nd and 3rd. There were lots of fabulous photographs but in the end the top three were decided upon. 

The brief for the competition was "Creativity" and there certainly were some very creative ideas shared with us.

All the photos will be part of a display to showcase the creativity of our pupils.

A big thank you to all our budding photographers and congratulations to the winners.

1st  - Hettie Y6  and Albie Y5























    2nd  Georgie Y6


3rd Evan Y5


Arts and Culture in London (Year 5 residential trip)

Dancing and Singing at Sidegate

Still image for this video
Monday was no ordinary day at school! Year 5 was lucky enough to have a workshop with some people from the West End. We danced and sang with a member of the Ensemble (Chiarina) and had a music lesson with the Assistant Musical Director Peter Wollard.
I don’t think we danced the actual choreography from the show, that would have been a bit tricky. But the moves we learned were fun and it was great to hear a little bit about being part of the show. Chiarina explained that the show is very fast-paced and she could be a flying monkey one minute, a schoolgirl the next and then someone from the Emerald City! That’s a lot of costume changes.
For me, the best part of the workshop was putting everything we had been taught together, it was amazing! I love performing and it reminded me of some of the shows I’ve been part of with PQA.
Later this week, as part of our Residential trip to London, we are going to see Wicked and I can’t wait.

Bethany Y5

Click on this camera below to watch a video we created for the Researching Arts in Primary Schools, Notts University


The Arts at Sidegate by ACS

Music is important because it helps people learn in many different ways. It helps you learn facts. For example, the days of the week song, how to play musical instruments and it helps develop speech. When learning to play instruments or sing songs, you learn to focus on your task. Music is also important because it helps people understand and express their emotions. It can also help people calm down. Music is used to help celebrate special occasions like birthdays. Traditionally music and songs were used to pass down stories from generation to generation.     Year 3 Arts Council


At Sidegate we value every aspect of music and every pupil has the opportunity to learn through musical experiences as they move through the school.



In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields

Flanders Field KS2 Choir


You can forget about everything going on and feel the beat of the music. There are many types of dance.   At Sidegate, dance is included in class assemblies and dance can re-tell a story. You can express yourself and your feelings. People dance to enjoy themselves for fun and for fitness.  You can communicate with people through dance.


Year 4 Arts Council



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