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The Arts at Sidegate

Music is important because it helps people learn in many different ways. It helps you learn facts. For example, the days of the week song, how to play musical instruments and it helps develop speech. When learning to play instruments or sing songs, you learn to focus on your task. Music is also important because it helps people understand and express their emotions. It can also help people calm down. Music is used to help celebrate special occasions like birthdays. Traditionally music and songs were used to pass down stories from generation to generation.     Year 3 Arts Council


At Sidegate we value every aspect of music and every pupil has the opportunity to learn through musical experiences as they move through the school.



In Flanders Fields

In Flanders Fields

Flanders Field KS2 Choir


You can forget about everything going on and feel the beat of the music. There are many types of dance. 

At Sidegate, dance is included in class assemblies and dance can re-tell a story. You can express yourself and your feelings. People dance to enjoy themselves for fun and for fitness.  You can communicate with people through dance.

                                                                               Year 4 Arts Council



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