Sidegate Primary School

Seize Opportunity, Create Success

Our Aims & Values

We value and respect:

  • each learner’s heritage, faith, culture and individual needs;

  • honesty and integrity, creating an environment and culture of respect;

  • pride in everything that we do;

  • determination, perseverance and resilience;

  • learners striving to improve through self-motivation, self-challenge and self-discipline;

  • individuality and creativity;

  • reflective learners who make positive changes and aspire to achieve more;

  • an appreciation of the environment and the need to contribute to the sustainability of the planet.


We aim to achieve:

  • Strong and effective leadership and management at all levels;

  • Consistent high quality teaching throughout the school;

  • An engaging, challenging curriculum which provides our pupils with high quality learning experiences and promotes high standards in both their academic and personal development;

  • A purposeful learning environment which supports learning and promotes a sense of community for all;

  • Regular, high quality arts and culture experiences which support, enhance and embed learning throughout the curriculum;

  • Strong, effective partnerships with families, other schools and organisations that help to enhance the learning opportunities for all learners;

  • Effective communication and collaboration between all members of the school community;

  • Positive, enthusiastic, confident pupils who feel secure and whose pastoral and safety needs are met through well developed systems and partnerships;

  • Pupils who are engendered with a thirst for learning and develop the skills that will equip them for life in the future.

  • Creative, adaptable and resilient pupils who are equipped for the variability of the modern workplace

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