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Residential Visits

We thought you would like to know about the Residential Visits that are offered to Sidegate pupils, so that you are informed and can potentially start planning for the future.


Sidegate is quite unique in that we offer a residential visit to every year group in Key Stage 2. This is because we strongly believe that residential visits are extremely beneficial for supporting children’s personal development. Residential visits offer children the opportunity to develop social skills by interacting with their peers in a different environment. Children learn to collaborate, communicate, and cooperate with others, which can improve their teamwork and interpersonal skills. They also have the chance to make new friends and build relationships, which can promote social bonding and emotional development. Residential visits can foster personal growth in children by challenging them to step out of their comfort zones and try new things. Children may face new situations, such as trying new foods, participating in outdoor activities, or navigating unfamiliar environments, which can build their self-confidence, resilience, and adaptability. Visits also enhance pupils’ curriculum knowledge and understanding, and build their cultural capital.


Pupils in our Key Stage 2 Specialist Education Unit are offered a sleepover at Hallowtree Scout Campsite every year. They may also be able to attend the residential visits detailed below, if any necessary reasonable adjustments can be made.


The costs of residential visits can be high, we give families as much notice as possible and set up payment plans so that the costs can be spread over many months. Some families on low incomes may be able to secure funding from a local charity - the Northgate Foundation - the school supports families to apply for this funding. Where families are not eligible for funding, but are still financially hard-pressed, they are encouraged to speak to the headteacher, who may be able to find other means to support with some of the cost.


Pupils can attend some or all of the residential visits offered. We encourage families to try to ensure that their child attends at least one residential visit during their time at the school.


Alternative daytime activities are provided for pupils not attending the residential visits. We try to find similar opportunities, but this is not always possible due to the uniqueness of the residential visits and the facilities that they offer. We also try to keep the costs low for these activity weeks, as we rely on voluntary contributions from families to fund them. Without these contributions, the activities will not be able to go ahead.


Year 3 Sleepover (summer term) - 1 night

This year, for the first time, we are offering a sleepover at school on a Friday night. This will follow a day and evening of outdoor activities. Children will go home after breakfast on the Saturday.

Cost in 2023 - £10 per pupil


Year 4 How Hill, Norfolk (April) - 3 days, 2 nights

How Hill is an exceptional field study centre located on the beautiful Norfolk Broads. 

There can be limited spaces available, but if we get enough numbers to make it cost effective, we can take two groups of children within the week Mon/Tue/Wed or Wed/Thu/Fri.

Children participate in a range of activities in which they learn about the environment and the nature of the Norfolk Broads.

Search for How Hill Trust Film to get an idea of the centre and some of the activities that  it offers.

Cost in 2023 - £200 per pupil


Year 5 London (February/March) - 3 days, 2 nights

We introduced this visit in 2022. Pupils stay in Earls Court Youth Hostel and enjoy a packed agenda which includes: the London Eye, Tower of London, National Gallery, Natural History Museum and a West End Musical (2022 Wicked, 2023 Lion King, 2024 Matilda).

This visit enhances many aspects of the curriculum, including history and the arts. 

Cost in 2023 - £260 per pupil


Year 6 Hilltop Outdoor and Adventure Centre, North Norfolk (March) - 5 days, 4 nights

Hilltop is a high quality outdoor and adventure centre offering a wide range of instructor-led activities including high ropes, climbing, zip wire, archery, biking, and team challenges. Throughout the week, children are encouraged to challenge themselves personally with the Hilltop ethos of  “challenge by choice”.

This visit allows children to further develop their independence and confidence as they approach the end of their primary school years.

Search for Hilltop-video to get an idea of the centre and some of the activities that it offers.

Cost in 2023 - £420 per pupil


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