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Meet our Arts Council

Meet Our New Arts Council!

This delightful crew will be serving as Arts Council for Sidegate Primary School this academic year. They are looking forward to supporting the arts, giving pupils a voice, and encouraging arts opportunities to thrive. Today, they met for the first time and have started to make props for the KS1 Nativity. There's going to be no stopping this eager crew! Keep checking back here for updates.


Farewell and thank you to Arts Council 2022-2023.

We appreciate all you have done to help support the arts at Sidegate.

Creativity means exploring new things, making new things, and having big ideas about anything really! In art class and maybe science, after school clubs, and after lunch, through singing as well as playing our instruments. Being creative builds up inside you, then you let it all out and it can clear your mind and help you focus. We have art lessons where we are told what to do, maybe we could have lessons where we can choose what we want like with options of what we do.  Layla Y5


I think creativity means imagination, figuring out your own way of doing things. There are lots of opportunities at Sidegate to be creative: art club, lessons, music, and even in PE! In Art lessons. I’d say acting is creative because we get to make up our own things. Fin Y5


Creativity means you can express how you feel and forget about most of your worries and help yourself unwind a bit.

We get lots of opportunities like through art and design, art club, and in drama club…  art can be really many different things. It's not what other people think about your arts, it’s what you think of yours. We created the leaves in the hall and I made loads of different blue wavy lines. Also, in the butterfly project, I made a chrysalis, which is the scientific word for a cocoon. I found it quite challenging at times, but that’s what makes it good because if you just had things go easy it wouldn’t be fun because you’d never have a challenge in your life would you? At Sidegate we look at artists. In my class, we’re doing mono-printing and we're lookng at Bryan Wynter, who was a mono printer. If you’re really open and trust your instincts to find a bit of creativity you don’t have to live in loneliness. I’d like to see more art and design at Sidegate, it helps a lot if you have a problem, or ADHD or something like that it might be a bit hard but you can focus in art.     Olive Y3


I think creativity means lots of using your imagination and not copying stuff. Using what you think and what you want it to look like. You can use paper or on a canvas, you can play it, or basically do anything. You can be creative in lots of places: at after school clubs, art lessons, wet play, you could also do it in lunch clubs. I play guitar, clarinet, and when it's wet play, I bring my own story to write. When we do WCET (our music lessons with my brass instrument) I try to play different notes and music, I make songs with it. Creativity helps me have more imagination and be more creative with anything I do. It’s made me, me if I’m being honest because if you’re not being creative you’re always doing something that someone else has already done and it wouldn’t be as good because the person isn't being original. I do dancing outside of school and it helps me realize who I actually am. I do loads of after-school clubs, and also Cubs, where we get to be creative with what we think about the world. Teachers could make it more exciting and let us have more imagination with our work. Rather than let us do the exact same thing with our art we could make it more our own thing. Get more excitement in it!       Seb and Ellie Y4


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