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Pre-school and Wraparound Care

Little Acorns are an independent organisation, they have two locations on our school site and provide pre-school education for children aged between 2 and 4.  Find out further information by visiting their website below or by telephoning them on 07402843198 (Oaks) 07414722146 (Acorns)



Wraparound Care Statement


In accordance with the Wraparound and holiday childcare: parent and childcare provider 'rights to request' guidance (May 2016), parents of pupils have the right to ask that the school provides "wraparound care".  Wraparound care is defined as before school, after school and/or holiday childcare.


There are a number of Wraparound Care providers local to the school (see below), any wraparound care provided directly by Sidegate Primary School would mean that the school would be working in competition with these providers.


If a parent wishes to request Wraparound Care, they must email the school using with the following information:


  • The type of childcare requested (before school, after school and/or holiday care)
  • The hours required
  • The days of the week required
  • How many children would attend
  • The ages of the children


If more than 30 such requests are received between 1st September and 31st March each year, then the Governing Body will conduct a full survey of need and consider the financial viability of starting its own wraparound care provision in the following September. The above DfE guidance will be referred to.


Local Providers of Wraparound Care:

A small section of the school’s site is leased to Cabin Crew by Suffolk County Council. Cabin Crew is a wraparound care provider independent from the school. Sidegate works closely with Cabin Crew to ensure the safe transition of pupils between the site and to share appropriate information.


Other wraparound care services can be searched for here: Suffolk County Council Family Information Service

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