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Religion & Worldviews (RW)

Our Religion & World Views Subject Manual contains a detailed overview of our curriculum.


Our Religion and Worldviews (RW) curriculum is supplied by United Learning.  Every half term we have a new key question to answer, please see the PowerPoint below for more information.  Sidegate’s RW curriculum aims to be academically rigorous and examine diversity between and within worldviews through the disciplines of theology, philosophy and social science within a historical context. 


A worldview can be simply expressed as a way of looking at the world, a flexible attitude a person might inhabit rather than have. In RW this might be an institutional (organised) religious or non-religious Worldview, but we also focus on how individual worldviews are influenced by and influence lived experience.  We study a wide range of religions such as: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hindu Dharma and Sikhi.  We also study non-religious worldviews such as: Humanism and Buddhism.  This way of framing our learning intends to highlight diversity within groups and make our learners aware of the influence of their own worldview to develop skills to interpret the knowledge they acquire.


Religion and Worldviews prepares pupils for adult life.  They will develop awareness of local, national and global heritage and reflect on religion and belief diversity in these communities.  RW aims to help children and young people to understand and hold balanced, articulate and well informed conversations about religion and belief, i.e. to be religiously literate. 


Pupils at Sidegate access a high quality RW curriculum that engenders curiosity in exploring, improving understanding of and showing respect for different faiths and cultural diversity. This will enable them to develop a knowledge and understanding of religions and worldviews, with the skill, independence of thought and vocabulary to “disagree agreeably”. 


The Sidegate’s curriculum for RW is a vehicle for delivering some aspects of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC), but SMSC also permeates across and underpins the school’s wider curriculum.


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