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Head Bumps and First Aid

Head Bumps

From letter to families dated April 2019:

I am writing to let you know that we are planning to change our Head Bump Procedures. Previously we would call parents regarding any head bump, however minor, just to ensure that parents were aware. We have had two serious head bumps in recent years and as such, we have become extremely vigilant.


This has meant that the office staff are making in the region of 30 head bump phone calls a day and this is just unsustainable.


Whilst we very much appreciate the potentially serious consequences of a head bump, we believe that we can inform you of low risk head bumps by ParentMail. Our new procedures are as follows:


Low risk head bump - no wound/lump, child presenting as well and coherent. 

Action: First aid administered if required, generic ParentMail sent to say that child bumped head at school today.

Medium risk head bump - wound/lump, child presenting as well and coherent.

Action: First aid administered, family telephoned to advise of injury and discuss.

Serious head bump - possible wound/lump, child presenting as incoherent, sleepy, vomiting, etc. 

Action: First aid administered, ambulance called or child taken to A&E and family telephoned.


As of the Spring Term 2021, we will also be issuing pupils with an adhesive band to show that they have had a head bump at school. They will be put on fairly tightly to ensure that they are safe for PE and swimming, so they will need to be cut off your child's wrist when they return home.

ALT First Aid Policy


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