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Head Bumps and First Aid

First Aid

We use Medical Tracker to record all of our first aid incidents and to manage our medications in school. This software enables us to monitor first aid and inform parents as incidents occur. We will, of course, continue to telephone families in the event of a more serious incident that requires immediate or further attention. Staff are available to discuss any medical incident should you require, but by using this method of communication it has freed up valuable time for our office staff.


Using Medical Tracker also allows us to keep track of all the medication that we have on site and request new medication when the old expires. We can also notify families as and when medication has been administered. We are also able to manage the more complex medical conditions centrally.


Head Bumps

We issue pupils with an adhesive band to show if they have had a head bump at school. They will be put on fairly tightly to ensure that they are safe for PE and swimming, so they will need to be cut off your child's wrist when they return home. This shows the date and time of the incident which can prove vital should hospital attention be sought.




Where a pupil has suffered an injury where concussion is possible, we will follow the UK Concussion Guidelines for Non-Elite Sport and employ the return to play protocols contained within it. It is important that families notify school of any injury sustained outside of school where concussion has occurred. 





ALT First Aid Policy


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