Sidegate Primary School

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Our Computing Subject Manual contains a detailed overview of our curriculum.


We are ambitious for all children to be digitally literate and to be able to express themselves and their ideas through information and communication technology, which will provide them with a foundation for the future workplace and life within a digital world. 


At Sidegate, the Computing curriculum increases pupils' knowledge and understanding of the world by introducing them to the principles of; information and computation, how digital systems work and how programming can be used to put this knowledge to use. We are committed to ensuring that pupils develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to use ICT to research, present and communicate their ideas in a cross-curricular approach and to become competent, confident and resilient users of information and communication technology.


Underpinning the aims of the Computing curriculum are our school drivers. Within Computing lessons, pupils will increase their knowledge and understanding of the world by developing a deeper understanding of the principles that underpin digital technologies and the changing consequences of these for; individuals, society and their future career opportunities. 


Our students will acquire the core digital literacy skills, as well as exploring new and unfamiliar technologies, in order to be able to communicate ideas through text, multimedia presentations and data analysis. Pupils will be encouraged to be creative when exploring and making digital artefacts through a variety of mediums and unfamiliar programmes. Our Computing Curriculum is designed to be aspirational, allowing children to explore and analyse information with the aim for pupils to become competent, confident and resilient users of information and communication technology. Pupils will be able to use their computational thinking skills to debug programs, solve problems and apply their skills to solve real-world problems systematically. Our teaching will support pupils to develop their online wellbeing, giving them the skills they need to stay safe and understand what to do if something goes wrong or worries them while they are online. Pupil’s will develop an understanding of how the internet works, as well as the World Wide Web. They will learn how to responsibly and safely use search engines to explore and communicate within the online community.


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