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Design & Technology

Design and Technology Teacher Handbook


Design and Technology at Sidegate Primary School is a creative and practical subject. We aim to inspire pupils aspirations and ambitions to become future chefs, engineers and architects. As well as teaching pupils to take risks, D&T enables pupils to become resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable citizens. Capable citizens that are resilient when faced with a challenge, willing to learn from their mistakes and care about the wellbeing of themselves and others.


We are ambitious for pupils to gain knowledge and understanding of products from all over the world by giving them opportunities to explore and research. Our personalised planning encourages children to build on their learning of other subjects and make meaningful links between subjects, including history where they research how products have evolved. The plans interweave with other subjects every step of the way.


Design and Technology lessons are a practical way for the pupils to learn how to collaborate effectively with others and learn how to develop good communication skills. Our plans give the pupils opportunities to work in groups or pairs and they take turns to hold different roles. 


At Sidegate Primary School we make connections with businesses around the community in order to make learning and design briefs purposeful. For example, ‘The local bakery needs your help to create a new scone for their bakery.’ We also invite the community to Sidegate Primary School during the yearly Arts Festival when a range of creative work, including Design and Technology, is celebrated and for our annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Week.


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