Sidegate Primary School

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Specialist Education Unit Curriculum

Our Specialist Education Units (SEUs) are split across two classes. We are moving towards a new Local Authority model of a 12 place KS1 Generic Unit and a 13 place KS2 Cognition & Learning Unit. We do not expect to adjust to these numbers in each unit until at least September 2023. We currently have many more KS2 pupils than KS1 pupils, due to historical placements.


There are two classes, known as Sun Bears and Harriers. Currently, Sun Bears’ age can range from 4 to 9 and Harriers’ from 7 to 11. The transition between one class to the next is decided on an individual basis, although age and capacity also have to be taken into account. Sun Bears class is run on an EYFS model, with pupils able to access continuous provision alongside 1:1, small group and whole class teaching. Harriers is a more formalised environment, with pupils being taught more lessons as a whole class, alongside interventions targeted to pupils’ individual needs. Each pupil’s EHCP forms the basis of the key elements of the curriculum that they are offered; this is complemented by a range of learning that builds essential life skills, enriches their life experiences and fosters personal development.


Pupils from the SEUs integrate with mainstream pupils during daily recreational times and for a range of curriculum and extra-curricular events, including: lessons, assemblies, productions, visits and residential visits. 


The curriculum in both classes focuses on developing the whole child. Key areas of focus are:

  • Social, communication and language skills

  • Literacy

  • Numeracy

  • Life skills and experiences

  • Personal development

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