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10th December, 2021

Olive and Cooper interviewed Mrs. Reynolds and Mrs. Gower


Mrs. Reynolds (Sun Bears) said that what she enjoyed most was that everyone was involved and could do it. She definitely wants her class to be involved in other productions. 

She was impressed that they learnt their lines and that the performance included good songs. Sun Bears got involved and  now feel that they have been included. (Olive added that it means that other children can look out for them). Mrs. Reynolds also commented on the amazing backdrops and scenery painted by Mrs. Sparrow.

Mrs. Gower (Music Lead) agreed and commented on how much she enjoyed that we were able to do the Nativity and that the children had learnt the songs. She added that she thought they were very brave. When asked if she would like to be involved in other productions, she exclaimed, " All of them! It's my absolute favorite thing!"

She added that she hopes there will be opportunities for the children to perform often.


Comments from KS1:

I liked the dancing best.

It could be improved with louder voices.

My favourite part was the shepherds.

It was exciting!

I liked the actions.

I liked the last song called, "Can you hear the angels sing?"

I liked the lights!

I felt scared and confident.




7th December 2021

We interviewed children in Years 3 and 4 who had the chance to be the first audience, as they were invited to watch the dress rehearsal - what a treat!


Here are some comments pupils and teachers said afterwards about the performance:

"It was very good, I especially liked the costumes."  

"Good diction, backdrops, songs and costumes."

"Everybody worked really hard and the songs and actions were great!"

"It's a great way to start Christmas!"

"I liked how they did everything in unison."

"The actions were spectacular!"

"Amazing! The children were confident, knew their lines and had such confidence!"





"The singing was loud and clear!" 

"I was impressed that the narrators, who had lots to say, had memorized all their lines!"


Some children offered advice:

"Maybe they could use a microphone?"

"Speak a little slower and louder."






6th December 2021


During the virus we were very sad because we didn't have choir, drama, class assemblies or singing assemblies and parents couldn't come inside to watch performances.


This didn't stop our annual arts festival as we performed outside and it was videoed for our families and friends to watch.



However, this has all changed and our hopes and dreams that we would be able to do things in school have come true!

This term we have been able to have clubs, singing inside, including singing assembly on Friday mornings, choirs and class assemblies!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the spring term.