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Art & Design

Our Art & Design Subject Manual contains a detailed overview of our curriculum.


Through an inclusive approach, Art and Design at Sidegate aims to inspire, inform, stimulate and challenge all pupils, irrespective of their social background or educational needs. Activities are designed to help each child develop the ability to formulate and communicate their ideas and feelings using the vocabulary of an artist; and be able to select and use a range of media and techniques with which to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas, and produce art work with a sense of purpose.


Pupils will become equipped to use these skills imaginatively and creatively;  gaining confidence in using them in areas across the whole curriculum. Pupils will increase their knowledge of the world through experiences designed to ignite an interest in the exploration of the wide range of art and design that has shaped our history, as well as the significant contribution that art and design makes to the culture, creativity and the wealth of our nation. Pupils will be exposed to high quality work of artists from around the world and become aware of the rich contribution that art makes to cultures and religions. Through art lessons, pupils will develop a perspective of the diversity of art across communities and, consequently, their acceptance of others. 


Exposure to a range of high quality Art and Design lessons will inspire and motivate, opening up new possibilities for creative expression and imagination. Pupils will be encouraged to question and connect with the world around them, and nurture positive aspirations, confidence and the capacity for autonomous critical thought, which in turn fosters well being. Artwork is displayed and celebrated, which contributes to pupils’ sense of pride, confidence and motivation.


Whilst being a subject that supports all areas of the curriculum, at Sidegate we believe that Art and Design is an integral part of developing an individual who is a creative problem solver and a confident communicator (both visually and orally). Pupils’ individual talents are recognised and nurtured, engendering a life-long interest in and appreciation of Art and Design. Opportunities to engage with the work of professional artists and organisations raises aspirations and plants the seed that a career within the creative industries is a real possibility. 


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