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Home Learning

At the beginning of term, we were really excited to see all Sidegate pupils return to school. The level of work produced through Seesaw last term was fantastic but now that schools have been able to reopen, it is really important that you attend as much as possible in order to do your very best learning.


However, we recognise that there may be times this term when you are not able to attend school because you are self-isolating or in quarantine. It is also possible that your class, year group or even the whole school might have to close for a period of time. If that happens, we want you to still be able to do some learning from home so we have put some plans in place to support you. Sometimes, your teacher might be able to set you work on Seesaw - just like last summer. At other times, this might not be possible so we have created some home learning grids for you to use. The home learning grids include links to lessons and activities you can complete at home and should match with the topics your class would be doing at school where possible.


This flowchart explains what you should do in different situations:

Visit the 'Parents' section (September Opening) to view important information on Government quarantine guidance, FAQs and other information.